On the Gilmore Girls: s01e02


November 8, 2016 by A

  • Jeez. Rory really goes full nerd at the possibility of being late to her first day of school. Where was she at 7:05? Or 6:45?
  • God, I love everything Sam Phillips sings.
  • That Chilton dad looks like he might have been a bad guy on Chamed.
  • I don't know if I'm more embarrassed for Rory or Emily when Lorelai takes off her coat.
  • Suck a dick, Charleston; Rory's going to be valedictorian by the s3 finale.

On the Gilmore Girls: s01e01


October 26, 2016 by A

Luke is hotter in this episode than any other. And Lorelai looks younger and better in every episode henceforth. Same goes for Emily. What was going on with these two? They're both so pretty.

Rory's voice in these first few episodes is so low. I much prefer it to the higher-pitched voice she espoused in later seasons. I always wonder whose call that was.

Rory's also much more of a smartass in this episode than she ends up being in the series.

Don't they seem to have systematically dumbed down Dean going forward?