On the Gilmore Girls: s06e09

The Prodigal Daughter Returns

November 23, 2016 by A


Cold open is Lorelai being slightly disappointed that the work crew is gone, but I sort of get it as a guy's gal. Then she sees that bedroom set of Luke's. I don't hate it quite as much as she does, but my first question would have been "where the hell is all my furniture?" Also that seems to be the only bedroom on the second floor of a house with a gigantic footprint - something I will never understand. I will also never understand how she afforded that house in the first place as a single mom, presumably in her 20s when she bought it.

Rory and Emily are having it out before Rory goes off to community service, Lor tells Sookie about the bedroom set and invites her over for dinner.

Over to the fun stuff: Richard finds Colin and Finn moving Rory's things and flips his shit. Yay! Rory is finally getting out of there. Lane spills the beans to Lorelai and the concern/hopefulness in Lorelai's eyes is so touching. 

The guy from the Stamford Eagle Gazette calls Rory to say he'll give her a good reference and not to worry about what happened with asshole-of-assholes Mitchum. That actor's character on Bunheads was infinitely more likeable.

Uh-oh. Chris on the answering machine. Drink twice. Luke's possessiveness in this scene surprises and annoys me, particularly because it's been a year since he and Christopher had words. It's just naive and idiotic to be involved with a person who has a child and expect the ex to be out of the picture.

Jackson is being completely oblivious as Luke glares murderously at Lorelai. Then Luke says this hilarious line: "I have no trouble telling someone something no matter how uncomfortable it might make them." Sure. Watch the rest of the season to see just how much Luke means that. (Oh, and Lorelai's retorts are perfect. "Wow. They'll be debating the subtle complexities of that comment for years," followed by a "Enjoy Wisteria Lane!" I need to remember to use those.)

And finally we meet the reviled April Nardini. Don't you find it a little weird that April's mom would tell her she doesn't know who her father is, and that it could be any of three guys?

Lorelai meets her mom at an airplane hangar. They meet, and Emily is being perfectly Emily, compartmentalizing and trying to sublimate her pain by disappearing for an afternoon of airplane shopping. Emily is talking to Lorelai about Rory, and she could be saying all the same things of Lorelai, and you can just see the pain in her eyes. She feels she's lost them both, but Lorelai reminds her this isn't true.

Luke goes to the science fair and finds out he is the father.

Over at the Stamford Eagle Gazette, Rory had been working all day to break Stuart down, which she eventually does because she's Rory. She calls her mom and tells her the good news and that she's going back to Yale. Rory heads right over to Mom's house for a tearful reunion (mostly mine), and all is right with the world.

At least Lorelai thinks so. She heads over to Luke's, breathless and ecstatic, saying they can set the date now that Rory's back. And my heart just breaks for her. I think we've all been in relationships where we felt sure we knew what was going on, and were later crushed by disillusionment.

I feel this might be the best episode of Gilmore girls. So. Much. Happens. Rory is finally healed enough to remember she had goals for her life and moves out of her grandparents' house. (Jess is partly to thank for that, IMO.) April, the harbinger of great sadness, arrives on the scene. Lorelai and Emily have that poignant conversation in the hangar. Lorelai and Rory finally reunite. A+++

Moment I Cried: 
Lorelai telling her mother "And you didn't lose me" makes me tear every time, but I cry my face off when Rory and Lorelai reunite.