Why Am I Always Falling for Married Guys?

March 13, 2017 by A


Because everyone is fucking married.

If you want to read on, go ahead, but it's really not necessary.

There's nothing wrong with you; you're fine.

If You Insist...

You think to yourself sometimes that all the good guys must have gotten married in their twenties. And then you realize so did everyone else. The good guys, the boring guys, the ugly guys, the eccentric guys. Fact is, all guys are pretty much married by the time you're in your thirties. Funny guy at the office? Married. Hot barista who looks freaking 24, married. Professor who would be perfectly appropriate to date, married.

For years now, every guy I've grown to like has been married, and yes, it got me thinking that maybe I'm an asshole. And maybe that's still true for other reasons, but maybe I just end up attracted to married guys because everyone is fucking married.

You can barely help it. Maybe you sit next to each other at work, or you get put together on a project. You end up talking a lot. You get to know each other "safely" — without any of the expectations of dating. And you discover they're funny or adorably quirky, or they show a thoughtfulness that isn't motivated entirely by wanting to get in your pants. You're just able to assess more objectively, and it goes a long way.

Stupid dating blogs, magazines, Hollywood — they all float the same theories, e.g. "he's proven he can commit, so you want that." Or "he's safe because he's off limits." 


I don't see a ring and get sprung. I'm just trying to fall in love like everyone else and your dumbass husbands keep getting in the way.

Eternally single,