The Recycled Plot Lines of Season 7

November 30, 2016 by A

I feel for the writers of season 7, I really do. They tried so hard to recreate the Palladinos’ witty banter that the result felt more like caricature or as J puts it, like “really good Gilmore girls fan fiction.” And their choices as far as Lorelai and Christopher’s relationship, well, that’s just something we had to deal with.

If I were handed that baton, I know I’d panic, so, again, I really feel for them, and I thank them for their efforts at trying to keep Stars Hollow going after the Palladinos’ exit.

All that being said, what I would not do is needlessly resurrect old plot lines, devices, and jokes. And season 7 had a lot of that.

7.14/1.5 “Cinnamon’s Wake” – An animal’s funeral

It wasn’t out of character for Michel to expect an over-the-top funeral for Chin Chin, but we already did this when Cinnamon died in season 1.

7.17/2.8 “The Ins and Outs of Inns” – Mia-Emily Encounter

This one is the most egregious. When Mia came to the Independence Inn in season 2, we got some great backstory. We saw Emily’s jealousy at their relationship with Mia. We see how much Lorelai leaving hurt her mother, and we see Emily’s side of the story more clearly. When Emily comes to speak with Mia privately, we see Emily’s gratitude when Mia graciously obliges her request for photos of the time she missed out on. And we can sense a thawing and see she’s thanking Mia for more than some pictures.

So why the hell resurrect a beloved character only to recast her??! Liar-Mia was lovely, sure. But we already had a Mia we loved, and that story was buttoned up and did not need to be addressed again.

7.20/6.19 - Lorelai embarrasses herself with a mic

We already experienced a major fremdschamen attack when Lorelai drank eight shots of tequila and embarrassed herself at Lane’s wedding. And just one season later, Lorelai’s back at the mic singing “I Will Always Love You” when she locks eyes with her ex-fiancé in the crowd. I die.

7.19/6.9 & 6.10 and 2.11 – The dollhouse and picture pajamas

The dollhouse is back --- the one Luke couldn’t move, but Jackson can pick up and break into a million pieces. Jackson’s stupid picture pajamas are back, too. They were cute the first time; their second appearance made me roll my eyes. Also, I kind of hate what they did to Jackson in season 7.

7.5/4.18 – The town smells

In season four, Kirk’s hidden Easter eggs make Stars Hollow reek. In season 7 we have a derailed PICKLE TRAIN making the town smell. FFS.

7.17/2.12 – Emily being annoyed at Richard for being around all the time

The first time it was post-retirement. The second go-around it’s post-heart attack. And while we’re at it…

7.14/1.10 – Richard is in the hospital

The first time, it’s just angina, but Lorelai has to confront her dad’s mortality for the first time. As does Emily, whose insistence that “she go first” is heart wrenching. The second time Richard falls ill, it’s a heart attack, and Luke’s there both times. This is important to note, especially because of Christopher’s notable absence the second time around. I don’t mind this one because there’s nothing unrealistic about an older man having heart problems six years apart. Just noting the parallels.

There have to be more, but that's all I got for now. If you caught any others, leave 'em in the comments.