Cute Animal Therapy/F You, Bad Mood

June 6, 2017 by A

I'm in a fucking terrible mood today, so naturally I turned to Google, asking my oracle how to make myself happier. (But only in the immediate, okay? Not like I need a long term solution for this or anything.)

Anyway, Google told me one way is to work out, but I'm at my job and I hate working out. And it said to take a walk, but it's rainy and cold here in June BECAUSE JERSEY. The last thing it said was to look at pictures of cute animals. Bingo.

Baby Goats

I started with my old mainstay, baby goats.

Then I stepped it up a notch. Baby goats with sweaters. This did not disappoint.

I remembered the baby goats in pajamas (acutally they're always at the forefront of my mind).

What Is the Plural of Pudu?

What do you know about pudu? Holy shit. It's like a baby goat deer.

This one looks like he has a fake beard on because he's trying to get into a club. He also appears to be smiling at me.

Maple the Sweet Puppy

Then I thought of Maple.... sweet Maple. I think this dog's sweet face could cheer me any day.

Here's one more. She looks so cute in that hat, it kills me.

Baby. Bunnies.

Man... those little ears.

Look at those feet, for Christ's sake.

I like how grumpy this one looks.

Okay.. this is too much.


Here's a group of mini-horses talking about how cute they are.

Baby Capybara

Fuck yeah, sneaky baby capybara! Sneak on!

Baby Ducks

I want to get a shirt with at least... 10 pockets to carry these sweet babies around with me everywhere I go.