Random Musings

Lifetime/Hallmark Christmas Movies to Women: Don't Be Yourself

November 19, 2019 by A

Hereforth is life and love according to Lifetime and Hallmark Christmas movies.

This is the first year I’ve gotten into [been bored enough to start watching] Hallmark Christmas movies. I get to see a lot of One Tree Hill alum, which makes me happy, but there's a stink in the room.

Amidst the common themes of the lonely and widowed finding love, another recurring theme beats viewers over the head. All a woman needs to do to be loved is to not be herself --- whether this means giving up her career, her home, or, in some cases, her entire identity.

Cute Animal Therapy/F You, Bad Mood

June 6, 2017 by A

I'm in a fucking terrible mood today, so naturally I turned to Google, asking my oracle how to make myself happier. (But only in the immediate, okay? Not like I need a long term solution for this or anything.)

Anyway, Google told me one way is to work out, but I'm at my job and I hate working out. And it said to take a walk, but it's rainy and cold here in June BECAUSE JERSEY. The last thing it said was to look at pictures of cute animals. Bingo.

Baby Goats

I started with my old mainstay, baby goats.

Not Everyone Is Beautiful

October 24, 2013 by A

Hey, reader! Can I tell you how tired I am of this flowery bullshit?

"We are all beautiful, regardless of our skin color, our facial characteristics, our personalities, or our abilities."

What?? I feel like I read something like that every week. And it took a quick Google search to see just how pervasive this crazy, self-soothing myth is.

No, we're not. And that's okay.

Will I Ever Be the Same?

January 23, 2013 by A

Everyone probably has their own Wrecking Ball. The one who hurt you so bad you feel like you came out the other side of it a different person. The one who made you cry so hard you almost threw up. The one who changed you — for worse, not better. The question is, "Is this change permanent?" Am I ever going to be the same?