Red Wine Braised Beef with Polenta

January 8, 2015 by A

The Box: 
The Reality: 

Luvo meals were on sale this week for $1.99 a pop, so I decided to give them a try. Actually, I decided to give 11 of them a try.

What I Liked: I'm about to get gushy. I really, really loved this meal. Good luck getting it to look pretty on a plate (it steams in-bag, then you pour it out yourself), but this one's a winner.

  • You know how frozen meals all somehow taste sort of the same? This one isn't like that. It tastes like actual food.
  • The braised beef was tender โ€” fell apart with ease poking at it with my fork
  • The cranberries made this pop and added nice bright notes.
  • I especially liked the polenta โ€” a unique side dish for a frozen meal and not something I eat enough of
  • Really impressive nutritional profile!
  • Super low in sodium at only 13% DV โ€” if you eat a lot of frozen meals, you know that number often exceeds 25

What I Didn't:

  • First peevish thought "I wish this came on a plate so I didn't have to use one of my own."
  • Kind of awkward and possibly impossible to open bag without scissors or a knife. Hard not to burn yourself pouring out food
  • Sauce was bland and didn't taste of red wine anything, but I thought it was a fair trade for the nutrition and lower sodium

Final Thought While eating this, I actually thought to myself, "Wow, if I had my own chef who only cooked healthy meals, I bet this is what it would taste like." And for $2 each, I keep having to suppress the urge to go buy 20 more. Two thumbs up."

Would I Buy Again?: