Luvo - Chicken Chili Verde

February 1, 2017 by A

The Box: 
The Reality: 

The Good: It's a unique combo as far as frozen meals go. I enjoy the cilantro smell wafting from the microwave while it's cooking. I love the heartiness of the black beans, appreciate the indulgence of a scoop of polenta, and dig the crunch of the pumpkin seeds. Wish there were more of them. I also like that it's relatively low in sodium and not too spicy on its own. (Luvo's Thai Style Green Curry was so spicy, I couldn't finish it.)

Side note: I thought these were grits before I saw it was polenta, which got me wondering what the difference is. Not much, turns out.

This one and Tandoori Chicken tie for first place in the annual Best Luvo competition that I hold alone in my apartment on a random Friday night of every January.

The Bad: Like with all Luvos, it's annoying to need to keep paper plates around. And you won't like this if you are afflicted with cilantro aversion — my condolences. Cilantro is the bomb and makes guacamole taste even more awesome.

Make It Better: Add some more roasted pumpkin seeds + a couple slices of avocado and some crumbled oaxaca to make this restaurant worthy.


Would I Buy Again?: