Orange Chicken

June 13, 2017 by A

The Box: 
The Reality: 

Not a bad comparison against the box, but nary an almond was seen in that dish.Lean Cuisine Orange Chicken nutrition facts

Some of these bites I'm taking are practically all breading, which might be fine for many, but I find it unsatisfying and a waste of carbs. Now the breading on the friend chicken at Popeye's — totally worth it. See what happened there? I have such positive feelings about the fried chicken at Popeye's that I mistakenly referred to it as "friend" chicken.

Anyway, the sauce on this is fine. It's sweet, there's not too much of it, it doesn't taste like orange (does orange chicken usually taste like orange?), and it has a teeny bit of spice to it.

The [five] edamame added a nice, familiar edamame crunch.

Lastly, the rice is completely flavorless.

Would I Buy Again?: 

Not a terrible $2.50 spent, but I'd rather spend 310 calories another way.