Chicken Florentine

January 11, 2012 by A

The Box: 
The Reality: 

First Impressions:

It measured up super nicely to what's pictured on the box. The parmesan cheese is actually stringy as I stir it. You can actually smell the spinach.

The Good: With real ingredients you can actually taste like roasted garlic, spinach, mushrooms, and a mild Parmesan cheese this healthy, colorful medley from Kashi is worth the expense. The feeling of those bouncy, happy little grains convince you you're eating right.

The Bad: The chicken sometimes has that weird, gamey, microwaved-chicken taste.

Make it Better: This meal needs almost no improvement, but if you really want to dress it up, grate and sprinkle 1 more tbsp of fresh parmesan.

Would I Buy Again?: