Veronica Mars Drinking Game

March 29, 2014 by thegirls

While in San Diego this summer for Comic Con, we were fortunate enough to attend the Veronica Mars offsite panel and meet a few cast members (and see the beautiful Jason Dohring irl). And we're obviously beside ourselves for the insanely successful Kickstarter campaign that's bringing Veronica to the big screen this March.

In light of all things Veronica Mars happening lately, we thought we would honor our much beloved modern-day Nancy Drew with an official Veronica Mars Drinking Game. Cheers!

One drink when...

  1. You hear the best theme song on television
  2. Anyone says to Veronica, "I need your help."
  3. Veronica's back in the principal's/dean's office
  4. Anyone's taped to the flagpole
  5. Flashback sequence! Two drinks if we get Amanda Seyfried onscreen
  6. Veronica's speaking in a fake accent
  7. Someone finds or plants a bug
  8. ""Who's your daddy?"
  9. Logan throws a punch
  10. Anyone makes a reference to Shelly Pomeroy's big party
  11. Allusion to when Keith was sheriff
  12. Someone gets yanked into the bathroom
  13. The PCHers roll up
  14. You catch a Big Lebowski reference
  15. Veronica is opening Keith's safe. Drink twice if she has the wrong combination
  16. There's a Veronica voiceover
  17. You see the Mars Investigation logo
  18. Something seedy's going on at the Camelot
  19. Veronica asks Wallace for a favor
  20. Someone says "Veronica Mars" with unconcealed contempt
  21. You recognize a guest star, drink twice if it's someone from Home Improvement
  22. PCH gang/09'er faceoff!
  23. Anyone actually says "we used to be friends"
  24. "My name's Cassidy."
  25. Weevil is wrongfully accused yet again (drink twice if he did it)
  26. Someone's doing karaoke
  27. Lamb tells Keith that something is a "police matter"
  28. Anyone gets tased
  29. Someone's on a stake-out
  30. You hear Logan's inspirational message of the day
  31. Veronica joins a new school club with an ulterior motive
  32. Someone asks Mack to build them a website
  33. Big drink for the big reveal at the end

Leave any more you can think of in the comments!