The Vampire Diaries Drinking Game

February 5, 2013 by thegirls

They say you always tease the ones you love... While we're sad TVD is on a three-week hiatus, it seems like a great time to queue up some reruns and knock back a few. Here's a drinking game for one of my absolute favorite shows on TV. Enjoy!

Take a drink every time...

  • "Hello, brother"
  • Anyone is actually writing in a diary
  • It's another Founder's party!
  • A new piece of jewelry factors into the mythology (Bonnie's pendant, Elena's necklace, Alaric's ring, etc.)
  • The autopsy says it was an "animal attack"
  • Caroline is in charge of another school event
  • Magic is afoot. Candle flames suddenly shoot upward
  • There's a reference to anyone turning off "the humanity switch"
  • Miss Mystic Falls is crowned!
  • Anyone actually goes to high school. Drink twice if they actually attend a class. Drink three times if it isn't Alaric's class.
  • There's no AT&T cell service in the cave/tomb/dungeon
  • It's another Founder's Council coverup!
  • Someone gives an elaborate explanation of why once again the gang can't kill Klaus
  • You think you're watching Elena and it's really Katherine (Drink twice if you think you're watching Katherine, and it's really Elena!)
  • Tyler is leaving town again
  • Someone starts pointing out the features of their Ford. (Product placement in Mystic Falls!)
  • Bonnie gets a nosebleed
  • Stefan looks at a blood bag with hungry eyes
  • Seemingly casual exposition about how a vampire managed to enter a house even though they weren't invited
  • Vampire nap via broken neck!
  • Caroline can't keep a secret
  • Someone makes a reference to Matt playing football (even though he always seems to be on the mend from vampire-related injuries and I don't think he ever gets a day off at The Grill.)
  • Bonnie takes the moral high ground
  • Someone gets compelled that you cannot believe is not on vervain
  • Caroline is kidnapped yet again
  • Klaus talks to any of his daggered siblings about how much he loves them
  • The Founders Council convenesVampire Diaries Damon Taking a Shot
  • Decade dance!
  • Someone walks into a public restroom for the opposite sex
  • Vampire flashback! Drink twice for any great period hairstyles.
  • Some object is thrown into the Salvatore fireplace
  • Someone explains why Tyler's not around
  • (Warning: not for amateur drinkers) Take a drink every time Damon takes one.