One Tree Hill Drinking Game

January 11, 2012 by thegirls

We wrote this right before the premiere of the 9th and final season of OTH, and oh, how we have missed it since. (Thank God for SOAPnet, but when the hell are they going to get the rights to season 7? RIP SOAPnet. We're sorry for complaining.) 

Play this game now in the spirit of nostalgia and to keep the River Court forever alive in your mind. Tear.

Disclaimer: If you actually drink alcohol for each and every of these moments, you might die. We haven't checked to make sure these don't all happen in one episode. Please drink responsibly, or something.

One Drink When...

  • Theme song! Let's get it started!
  • Lucas says "pretty girl"
  • Peyton's drawing
  • Brooke calls anyone a nickname, e.g. Haley "tutor-girl" or a variation on that
  • Reference to "people always leave" (2 drinks if it's not Peyton)
  • Peyton's brooding on the webcam
  • Chris Keller refers to himself in the 3rd person
  • Trip to the cemetery!
  • Brooke is crying — again
  • Anyone's throwing water balloons on or off the roof of Karen's Café
  • Every time it just turns out someone is an incredible musician (Haley, Mia, Grubbs, Alex, etc)
  • Something's wrong with Peyton's car
  • Whitey mentions Camilla
  • Any reference, post season 3, to Haley's rock tour
  • Whitey's pouring a drink into a coffee cup
  • Brooke calls someone "boyfriend"
  • Yet another trip to the hospital
  • Voiceover at beginning or end that's not Lucas
  • Anyone's popping pills (Lucas, Nate, Millie, Deb)
  • Junk or Fergie speak post season 1
  • Any throwback to the pilot
  • Anyone's making predictions on the roof of the cafe (or reading old ones!)
  • Chester's out of the cage!
  • Peyton redecorates her bedroom
  • Any time you see Lucas's book lying around
  • Brooke slaps someone!
  • Trip to the airport!
  • Anyone famous enough to play themselves is on (Sheryl Crow, Gavin DeGraw, Nick Lachey, etc.)
  • When Keith and Whitey drink, have one with 'em!
  • Julian high-fives someone
  • You recognize an actor, location, or set from Dawson's Creek
  • Anyone says "...and I love(d) you for that."
  • Anyone appears in a backseat naked, 2 drinks if it's not Brooke
  • Background music turns into Peyton's radio
  • Karen gets violent!
  • Any mention of the State Championship where Dan refused to play
  • There's a gigantic lapse in time
  • "Some author's name once wrote..."
  • Haley and Chris's duet "When the Stars Go Blue" comes on
  • Any reference to other CW or WB shows
  • Dan Scott likeness seen around town, e.g. cutout, billboard, etc.
  • Any time it's Jamie's birthday and you have no idea why because it always happens at a different time of year
  • Any episode before season 5 with no theme song
  • Scene opens to River Court and someone's shooting hoops alone
  • Any sighting or mention of Pete Wentz
  • Someone moves into Nathan's apartment
  • Dan calls Keith "boozy"
  • Big drink for a big party at the beach house
  • Product placement is afoot in Tree Hill (Sunkist, Cingular, etc.)
  • You're introduced to another immediate family member you've never met
  • "Always" "...and forever"
  • Chase makes someone a disgusting drink
  • Mark Schwahn cameo!

Two Drinks When...

  • Do not pass Go, do not collect $200, but do have a drink whenever there's a trip to jail! (Brooke, Peyton, and Haley; Faux-Derek; Dan; Mouth, etc.)
  • A parent is passed out from too much drugs or booze
  • Whenever something from Nathan's past comes back to bite him in the ass (Taylor, the sex tape, etc.)
  • Drink to Brooke's victories! (Best Choreographer award! The crabs get a raise! Brooke wins class president!)
  • Ravens win the big game!
  • Flashback to something you never saw in the first place (Nathan & Haley's wedding, Dan & Karen's prom video, Nathan and Brooke sex tape)

Three Drinks When...

  • There's a horrible car accident
  • Parents are absent at a momentous occasion, e.g. graduation, birth of a child, wedding, etc. (Lame excuse as to their absence, take another drink)
  • Dan almost dies (suicide attempt, heart attack, fire)
  • Someone gets attacked by a psychopath (Nanny Carrie, Derek, Katie)

Drink Everything in Sight If...

  • Dan actually, finally, really dies