Once Upon a Time Drinking Game

January 14, 2012 by thegirls

This show has barely been on long enough to cultivate its own cliches, but it's merrily on its way. (Updated 3-8-13)

Cheers with us to these moments in UOAT, and add your own in the comments!

Take a Drink When...

  • The book is out!
  • We meet a new fairytale/literary character
  • Rumple is after someone's baby
  • The mayor makes a pronounced threat, a la "I will end you."
  • Emma's not wearing that red, leather jacket
  • Henry shows up at Emma's side after being explicitly told not to go anywhere.
  • Rumple invokes his magic by saying "please."
  • You catch a Lost Easter egg!
  • Any reference is made to the town's collective hazy memory, e.g. "as long as anyone can remember..."
  • Anyone's heart gets it
  • You find out something else Regina is entitled to do, "as mayor"
  • Rumple calls anyone "dearie."
  • We see Regina's reflection
  • You're sure David/Charming is wearing lip stain.
  • Whenever anyone's trying to leave Storybrooke, and can't.
  • You spot an apple!
  • An actor from Lost is on (besides Regina, of course)
  • Dementors in Little Whinging Storybrooke!
  • "Magic... always comes with a price!"
  • We meet another hot guy with a British accent (Good God, Hook is fine...)
  • Any reference to good always triumphing over evil
  • You want to slap Mulan
  • Emma's supposed "superpower" fails spectacularly
  • Rumple calls in a favor
  • Someone crosses the town line!
  • Henry comes up with a new code name for something

Drink It All If...

  • The curse is broken!
  • They make it back to the island the Enchanted Forest.

:D Photo credit: ABC