New Adventures of Old Christine Drinking Game

October 3, 2012 by A

I know this show's been off the air since 2010 - I don't care. Kari Lizer and her team of writers are geniuses and this show is incredible.

One Drink When...

  • First things first — a drink when Christine drinks.
  • Something or someone is "sad, sad, sad"
  • Christine says "YES,Matthew!!" Hamish Linklater is hot
  • NyQuil mention
  • "You're an excellent/terrible therapist."
  • Whenever there's a flashback!
  • "ASS!"
  • Sad Dad pops up!
  • Barb dares Christine to "finish it"
  • Anyone is called a "firestarter"
  • "Damn it."
  • Richard says his signature "What?"
  • Any reference to Christine's inability to see color
  • Matthew's dry-heaving in his mouth
  • Anyone mentions Supertramp
  • Barb calls someone or something "nasty"
  • Christine can't sleep.
  • "Never seen it... (i.e. Richard: Why can't it be both good for you and good for me? Christine: Never seen it., S4 E01)
  • Anyone mentions the Four Seasons in Maui
  • Christine's wiggling her shoulders attempting to be sexy
  • Richard or Ritchie: "Awesome!"
  • Christine develops a tic or a twitchy eye
  • Christine can't help but smile at someone's misery (usually Richard's) New Adventures of Old Christine Christine Smiling
  • "I drive a Prius!"
  • Christine is being a terrible listener
  • Meanie moms allude to Christine having a substance abuse problem ("Do you need to call your sponsor?")

Two Drinks When...

  • "Are you/you gotta be FREAKIN' kidding me!"
  • (Old) Christine and Richard hook up
  • Seinfeld throwback!

Leave any good ones I might have missed!