Golden Girls Drinking Game

February 6, 2017 by A

I was going through my desk this weekend, through piles of old papers, receipts, and concert ticket stubs when I stumbled upon a Golden Girls drinking game I [hand!]wrote in 2010. 

A lot of these rules are admittedly not very good, but here's the transcript. Drink when:

  • "Picture it" - an extra sip when it's not Sicily
  • Cheesecake!
  • The ladies take it out onto the lanai
  • "It's me, Stan."
  • Anytime company comes over for less than two minutes before making up an excuse to leave abruptly
  • You can't even believe the shoulder pads
  • Anytime someone "can't sleep"
  • "Big Daddy"
  • Zany dream sequence
  • Sophia called Blanche a slut (+ 1 if it's not Blanche)
  • Celebrity cameo (Burt Reynolds, Bob Hope, Sonny Bono, etc.)
  • Dorothy: "38 YEARS!!"
  • Blanche compliments her own "perfect" features
  • Any mention of "St. Olaf"
  • Blanche is a nightgown more formal than most formal wear
  • Show begins with a car pulling up in the driveway
  • When there's a coffee mug under the refrigerator's water dispenser
  • Rose says one of her silly St. Olafian phrases in whatever language that's supposed to be (
  • The ladies perform together (Dance Marathon, Miami song, Mr. Sandman)
  • Flashback scene