The Drinking Dead: The Walking Dead Drinking Game

March 24, 2013 by thegirls

Because, hey, we write a lot of drinking games, and we are completely obsessed with The Walking Dead, we present to you The Drinking Dead – our official Walking Dead drinking game.

Also, please don’t sue us for the screen shots; we don’t have any money.

One Drink When…

  • Anyone’s using a walker (or entrails) for camouflage
  • Crazy Train Shane makes another bid for power
  • Rick is interacting with someone who isn’t really there
  • Anyone references Merle being left on the roof
  • Walkers used for sport/torture/decoration in Woodbury
  • Shane is rubbing his head compulsively
  • Any discussion about knowing “how the safety works”
  • “Keep still” or “don’t move”
  • Rick is holding the baby and you feel really nervous about it
  • “I’m going on a run.” Another supplies run rife with danger
  • Dale’s on top of the RVThe Walking Dale standing on the RV
  • Someone’s cleaning/loading/disassembling a gun
  • Anyone questions Rick’s leadership
  • People are being very cavalier with gunfire, despite the knowledge that sound attracts walkers. Take another sip when they show up.
  • Roadblock! The gang comes upon another impasse on the highway
  • Andrea refuses to do something without her gun
  • Oops. Someone wakes up a group of dormant walkers
  • Anyone has anyone in the crosshairs of a gun
  • Daryl tells someone they can’t track for shit
  • “You’re not coming with me.”
  • Aerial shot of the highway with all the cars on one side
  • Merle is spewing racial epithets
  • A character’s waxing nostalgic about his or her prior life
  • We hear a new name for ‘zombie’ for the first time (geek, walker, biter, lurker, etc.)
  • Walker foot shuffle! Drink for another of those walker ankle shots
  • The patch is off. Just drink until he covers that disgusting thing up.
  • Anyone calls Rick “Officer Friendly”
  • Off with your head! Michonne beheads a walker with her katana
  • Anyone kills a walker with their bare freaking hands (or feet!)

Two Drinks When/If…

  1. Someone runs into a walker they actually knew from before “everything went to shit.”
  2. Sadness. Any principal character turns (Amy, Shane, Sophia)
  3. We finally see Morgan again!
  4. Anyone is exiled from the groupA herd of walkers is passing through
  5. We ever find anything out about that damned helicopter
  6. They finally kill the freaking governor!

Drink Everything If…

  1. Rick manages to find a paternity test in the post-apocalyptic world
  2. Judith gets eaten. Like, seriously… just drink it all