The Bar Rescue Drinking Game

November 11, 2019 by A

We love this show for Jon Taffer's anger. I actually went to a taping (season 4 episode 4 - "El Moronte" lol) and I got to see Jon's glowering in person; it is legit scary.

Anyway, here are the rules for the Bar Rescue Drinking Game. Add more in the comments!

  • Jon and his partner are reading bad Yelp reviews on the place in the car
  • Jon's wife is the spy
  • Jon says "We're gonna pack this place"
  • Whenever they say how many people drive by that location every day
  • Jon makes the owner promote someone
  • The bar runs out of classes 
  • When Jon can't take it anymore and has to run into the bar to tell them they're basically failures
  • Drink twice if Jon is throwing food around
  • Jon makes the owner fire someone
  • When any employee starts crying
  • Jon definitively proclaims someone a "failure"
  • A dead vertebrate of some kind is found in the kitchen
  • Continuity error! It's supposed to be the next day but everyone's in the same clothes!
  • They install a "butt funnel"
  • They install a "turbo tap"
  • Drink everything if Jon gets in a fist fight