Drinking Games

The Official Daria Drinking Game

February 15, 2017 by A

I recently got my mitts on the complete set of Daria episodes with the original music and it occurred to me that somehow I'd never written a drinking game for Daria. And damn have I watched a lot of this show; I literally can't watch the musical episode without singing the entire time. Rattled off this list in about 20 minutes and it will continue to grow as I relive the series. Enjoy!

Veronica Mars Drinking Game

March 29, 2014 by thegirls

While in San Diego this summer for Comic Con, we were fortunate enough to attend the Veronica Mars offsite panel and meet a few cast members (and see the beautiful Jason Dohring irl). And we're obviously beside ourselves for the insanely successful Kickstarter campaign that's bringing Veronica to the big screen this March.

In light of all things Veronica Mars happening lately, we thought we would honor our much beloved modern-day Nancy Drew with an official Veronica Mars Drinking Game. Cheers!

The Gilmore Girls Drinking Game

January 2, 2013 by A

Lorelai and Rory hanging out

Since all we seem to write around here are drinking games, we may as well keep going and highlight one of our very favorite shows, Gilmore Girls!! For the six seasons before ASP bailed, we reveled in the zany charm of Stars Hollow, laughing and crying along the way. Seriously nowhere we'd like to live more, and that's saying a lot considering our manic love for Harry Potter.

One Tree Hill Drinking Game

January 11, 2012 by thegirls

We wrote this right before the premiere of the 9th and final season of OTH, and oh, how we have missed it since. (Thank God for SOAPnet, but when the hell are they going to get the rights to season 7? RIP SOAPnet. We're sorry for complaining.) 

Play this game now in the spirit of nostalgia and to keep the River Court forever alive in your mind. Tear.